Bucks County Anxiety Center How to explain OCD

How many people really understand your OCD?

Most people don't understand what OCD is. They picture someone checking or washing their hands.

When OCD is mentioned on TV, it's usually part of some dumb joke.

You want people in your life to understand OCD, but it's really hard to do this. They don't get it! 

Why don't they get it? How many times have you explained it?

You struggle enough with understanding OCD. Explaining it to someone else is such a pain.

We want to help you with that problem. We've put together 2 scripts for you:

  • Script 1 provides a general explanation of what OCD is. Print it out or email it to anyone you want.
  • Script 2 is a worksheet you can fill out to provide more details about your specific OCD. 

Get your script to help yourself today!

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